Physicians & Specialties


  • Richard A. Palmer, MD
  • Kurt Van Wagenen, MD
  • Taylor Williams, MD
  • Matthew Witzel, MD


  • Manish Arora, MD
  • Jeanette Keith, MD
  • Michael Kelso, MD

General Surgery

  • L. Randolph Buckner, MD, FACS
  • Matthew L. Figh, MD
  • Rodney Harney, MD
  • Graeme McFarland, MD
  • Jason R. Seale, MD


  • Salah Roxanne Beck, DO
  • George Pegram, MD
  • Mishanta Reyes, DO
  • Mitchell W. Schuster, MD, FACOG


  • Brian C. Mulrooney, MD
  • Charles Woods, MD


  • Russell Ellis, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Justin L. Daigre, MD
  • Justin Hallock, MD
  • Matthew Nalamlieng, MD
  • J. Randall Riehl, MD
  • R. Scott Sharp, MD
  • R. Stacey Tapscott, MD

Otolarynology (ENT)

  • George Godwin, III, MD, FACS
  • Benjamin W. Light, MD, FACS

Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Benjamin W. Light, MD, FACS


  • Sergey S. Ananyev, MD

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